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AAHJA is a unique and special grass roots association which operates at a local level and strives to strengthen and educate the local hunter and jumper enthusiasts. It is a place for kids and adults of all ages and abilities to come together and participate in the sport they love within their community.

For over 20 years, AAHJA has encouraged great horsemanship as well as great sportsmanship. Many members have grown up showing AAHJA and now are helping new kids learn how to compete. The life lessons these kids are learning from being a part of this association are invaluable—not only from showing, but the camaraderie and responsibility that comes with competing.

We all are competitive, but at the end of the day it’s not about what color ribbon we bring home but the memories we make, and the lessons we learn from the horses.

Mission Statement

The goal of the Athens Area Hunter-Jumper Association shall be to standardize and promote all local hunter-jumper shows and other related activities within the Athens area and to act on behalf of exhibitors, sponsors, spectators, and management.

The AAHJA is an affiliate of the United States Equestrian Federation, and is therefore subject to all rules and penalties of the USEF. The AAHJA and its members are governed by current USEF rules unless these rules conflict with current AAHJA rules as described herein.

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AAHJA President

Alex Thaxton

Alex is a riding instructor and IEA team co-coach at High Point Farm in Watkinsville. She grew up showing in AAHJA and loves teaching her students through AAHJA as well.

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Vice President

Hillary Davis

Hillary is a trainer at Fawkes Farm Therapeutic Riding Center. She has grown up in AAHJA and is thrilled to be able to help spread the love for horses with new young riders.

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Kathy Jones

A lifelong horsewoman, I've been a professional in the Atlanta and Athens areas for over 30 years. My main focus throughout my career has been the training of young riders, teaching them to be responsible and successful horsemen in and out of the competition ring. I am also a USEF rated judge in Hunters, Equitation and Jumpers, and enjoy the unique perspective from the judges' box.

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Additional Board Members:

Additional Board Members

Jessica Strott, Amanda Hammock, Lauren Davis, Christa Deissler, Peggy Allen, Carole Davis

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